Green Tea
A Blend of Pure Green Tea

Since ancient times, Green Tea has been reputed to be a powerful
medicine. The monk Eisai wrote about the positive effects of
Green Tea in his book "Maintaining Health By Drinking Tea" (1211).
"Tea is a miraculous medicine for the maintenance of health.
Tea has extraordinary power to prolong life. Anywhere a person
cultivates tea, long life will follow." In recent years, scientific
research on Green Tea has confirmed those ancient claims. Some
of the most exciting research involves a link between Green Tea
and the prevention of cancer and heart disease.

Green Tea is a natural source of polyphenols; which have been
identified as a powerful antioxidant. Research suggests that
antioxidants protect the body from harmful molecules known as
free radicals. These molecules can cause damage to the cells;
which may lead to cancer and heart disease. Bromley Tea is
proud to offer you a refreshing blend of pure Green Tea. In the
Bromley tradition…It's full of flavor and antioxidants!

Bromley's Green Tea is a great tasting tea and is sold 6 boxes
to a case. Each box contains 48 tea bags.


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