Earl Grey
Charles Grey (1764-1845) was an actual person who, though he was Prime Minister of England under William IV, is better remembered for the tea named after him. Tea legends say the blend was given to him by a Chinese Mandarin seeking to influence trade relations.

A black tea with a hint of sweetness to it, Earl Grey is served plain and is the second most popular tea in the world today. It is generally a blend of black teas and bergamot oil.

The Chinese use tea as medicine, in beauty products and for other purposes. Do not discard the contents of tea bags, tea liquid and tea leaves left over from cooking or brewing, because they can be used for many of the purposes listed here. The liquid tea brewed for cooking is stronger than that used for drinking, but it can be diluted with hot water and used as a beverage.

Tea is not only a refreshing, delicious beverage, it's a wonderful ingredient in cooking food. It's a marinade, a tenderizer, a condiment and, certainly, a unique bon mot for your dinner guests to savor while they wonder why the rice tastes so special or the chicken is so tender. Check out our recipes page for some suggestions.

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