How to clean tea stains out of china teapots:
Don't let your tea stains ruin your china teacups and teapots.
These simple steps will clean them up.

1. Fill your stained china (pot or cup) with very hot water.

2. Add a fizzing denture cleaning tablet. Only a quarter tablet
is needed for a teacup, a whole one for a pot.

3. Tip teapots so that the solution fills the spout.

4. Let it sit for an hour.

5. If the stains remain, you can let it sit overnight.

6. Clean the pot or cup thoroughly with soapy water.

7. Rinse well.

8. Let air dry for several hours.

Interested in reading tea leaves?

Reading tea leaves is personal and intuitive but this will get you started. Drink your tea slowly until there is just a small amount of tea at the bottom of the cup. Swirl the cup three times and turn the cup upside down to drain the tea. Now turn your cup over. What do you see?

The leaves closer to the rim will tell the near future.
The leaves down in the base of the cup tell of the distant future.
Look at the leaves and form pictures (like you look at clouds).
Interpretation will vary quite a bit but here are a few items that seem to have universal meanings.

bells - good news
chain - success but requires work
cross - suffering
fish - new or travel abroad
key - solving of a mystery of finding lost items
egg - fertility
flowers - love
spider - luck


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