Did you know?
There are three types of teas made from tea leaves , Green, Black and Oolong.

There are also "herbal teas" that are not really teas at all, as they are not actually made with tea leaves. Tea is the national drink of China. It contains vitamins, oils and fluoride. It also contains caffeine and some types are used as a diuretic. Green Tea was used for medicinal purposes long before is was used as a beverage. The Chinese believe that tea drinkers have an increased life span.

Green Tea does not go through the fermenting process. Steeped green tea is light green to jade in color and has the aroma of vegetables. Black Tea (or red as it is referred to in China) is made by allowing the tea to ferment after picking. Steeped black tea is reddish brown to deep brown in color and has a thick, almost malt-like aroma. Oolong Tea is a combination of the two. This tea will vary quite a bit in color and aroma.


To make a good pot of tea:
Use good water with low mineral content avoid hard water.

Bring the water to a near boil or just to a boil but no more. The amount of tea leaves will depend on the type of tea used.

Steep 1-5 minutes before pouring. (Green teas for one minute and should be brewed at a lower temperature.

Subsequent pots of tea using the same leaves needs to be lengthened.

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