Braised Chicken

Brisket Braised in Tea
with Root Vegetables

Cashmere Soup

Earl Grey Truffles

Fresh Peach-Darjeeling Sorbet

Honeydew Green Tea Frappe

Mango Sorbet with Green Tea

Morocco-Darjeeling Halibut


Smoked Chicken Salad
with Tea Vinaigrette

Tea-Wilted Greens with
Summer Fruit and Goat Cheese

Vegetable Stock


About These Recipes
Many of these recipes and tips have been created by major tea blenders, tea room chefs and tea sellers, and some are from the plethora of new books on tea now on your bookseller's shelves.

Why Use Tea in Cooking
Tea is finally breaking out of its familar role as an accompaniment to afternoon tea fare and emerging as a provocative ingredient in every category on the menus of fine restaurants everywhere. More and more esteemed chefs around the country are bringing tea into the kitchen to create recipes using tea for entrées, desserts, or as a base for sophisticated new drinks, showing how infectious this "new" ingredient has become. Tea is an incredible flavor enhancer; it can be just the right addition to so many dishes from picnic favorites like chicken sandwiches or classic desserts like lemon tarts to traditional entrées using fish, meat, or even tofu with tea as a twist to delight any palate.

With compelling evidence that both green and black teas have antioxidant properties, there is now a greater impetus to enjoy teas in the cup, and on the plate. This is a health-giving ingredient with a long history and an even brighter future–right in the home kitchen.

–Excerpt from Cooking with Tea by Robert Wemischner and Diana Rosen


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